Fantasy Football and Week 3 DST Streamers

DST Streaming keeps fantasy owners from taking chances. That doesn’t mean it’s a terrible thing, but, looking at updated NFL betting lines, no one can deny what DST streaming represents.

But, if you are committed to DST Streaming, good for you. An above-average defense has its merits. It is understandable why you would choose to simply stick with it, riding it through the peaks and valleys.

That approach makes it possible to avoid making decisions which, in turn, keeps you from making the wrong decision. Of course, you are still encouraged to take chances. That is what makes this arena so fun, the opportunity to control your destiny.

So, take a decisive step forward and wrest back control over your future; look at some of these defenses and make a choice.

New York Jets VS Indianapolis Colts

This is a great time to hold onto your streaming defense; of course, it goes without saying that such advice only applies to those who have a good one. The week has been terrible for streaming defenses. So if yours has a decent matchup, keep it.

However, it would be a mistake to write this off as a bad matchup. The Jets have surprised some critics by maintaining a decent pass defense. And that matters because the Andrew Luck is a little exposed.

The Colts cannot adequately protect him, and he will definitely be prone to interceptions. Some people cannot get over how bad the Jets’ pass defense was in the beginning, but they have definitely gotten better over time.

The Colts, on the other hand, cannot protect their quarterback. In fact, they are the second worst team in the NFL in this area. Considering their deficiency here, the colts will struggle to keep the Jets from their quarterback in Week 13.

Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals

It might be time to give up on Arizona’s offense as a whole. Anyone who chose to give Carson Palmer another week as a fantasy starting quarterback was obviously disappointed. The 20-point performance was simply not up to par; even worse was the fact that Palmer was facing a secondary that, after taking quite a beating, wasn’t especially good, to begin with.

There is nothing else to see or say about Palmer. The Redskins are in a decent position here. Sure, maybe you couldn’t call them amazing. However, looking at all the interceptions the Cardinals have thrown and all the sacks they have allowed, Washington can, at the very least, take advantage of weaknesses like Carson.

New England Patriots VS Los Angeles Rams

Looking at the shallow leagues, the Patriots have been a strange side. Despite having a relatively decent defense, boasting decent yards and points allowed, they haven’t impressed in the area of turning over opponents.

The Rams, on the other hand, have proven repeatedly how ineffective they can be at overwhelming rival defenses. The Patriots are a great choice here, even with their lack of big plays.

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets

Looking at the Deep leagues, one wonders whether New York could get a lead and pound away on the ground. Looking at the high rate at which he turns the ball over, the Colts are unlikely to get much pressure on Ryan.

There are a few risks to consider here but, they are most likely worth it in the deep leagues because of the potential rewards. Even a change of quarterback on the part of the Jets doesn’t make the Colts look any worse.

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