Dropping Like Flies

The 2017-18 NFL season has been more of a nightmare than a fantasy for dream team pickers, with players dropping like flies across the country even before the season even started. It’s likely that you’ve already lost at least one or two star players from your fantasy NFL team. Of course, American football is a tough game and it is played hard and fast by the biggest and the best. As such, it is inevitable that players will get hurt, and that impacts fantasy team managers every bit as much as the real thing. But it has to be said,... Read More

Fantasy Quarterbacks for Week 7

There are quite a few young quarterbacks making their first career starts this week. Fantasy owners are very excited about using both of them, and in this article we will discuss whether or not that is a good idea. Our thoughts on this quarterbacks should also help you decide if you want to bet for or against them. For those that enjoy fantasy sports, we have put together a list of the top quarterbacks to start this week, which should also give you some NFL betting tips. Brett Hundley Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints Last week Hundley came in... Read More

Top Fantasy Quarterbacks for Week 2

Week 1 in the NFL produced a few surprises, especially in fantasy football, where Alex Smith and Sam Bradford were the top fantasy quarterbacks of the week. This week, expect a few more surprises in what promises to be another unpredictable NFL week. For those that enjoy fantasy sports, we have put together a list of the top quarterbacks to start this week, which should also give you some NFL betting tips for Week 2. Alex Smith Kansas City vs Philadelphia The fact that Smith finished first last week after having the seventh 300 yard passing game of his career screams... Read More

12-Team Standard Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

The standard 12-team fantasy football draft isn’t that difficult to figure out. Just look at the NFL Odds offered by major sportsbooks and the manner in which people bet, and you will realize that most sports fans have a keen understanding of the NFL. They know that depth should be emphasized instead of drafting starters, and that value that falls should be prioritized instead of reaching. But maybe these tidbits of sense are not nearly as common as some people like to think, in which case anyone trying to take a fresh crack at the fantasy football draft should know... Read More

Elliott’s Six Game Suspension Will Impact Fantasy Sports

After a rookie season that saw him break a lot of franchise records, Dallas Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott, was expected to be one of the top fantasy players this season. Last week, the NFL commissioner’s office announced Elliott would be suspended for the first six games of the year, since then, Elliott’s fantasy stock has taken a nose dive. Keep reading to find out how this affects the NFL betting odds this season. Elliott’s suspension was the result of a domestic violence investigation by the league. Even though he was never charged, the league’s investigation determined Elliott violated the league’s... Read More