Written by Daily Fantasy Insider on May 23, 2018


Saquon Barkley” by Chris Spon (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The New York Giants decided against drafting a quarterback a few weeks ago, instead, going after the best player in the draft, Saquon Barkley. Many people have very high hopes for the 21-year-old running back and, as he’s slotting straight into a team that has little depth in that position, we are sure to see a lot of him in 2018.

The Giants used their 2nd overall pick on Barkley and, with that on his back, there is already pressure on him to perform and become a franchise star as soon as possible. For a long time, the Giants have lacked a spark in the running back position, meaning they looked a little one dimensional at times, so the move to bring in Barkley will not only benefit them because he is a running back, but because he can take the pressure off others. The likes of Odell Beckham Jr will have more space to work because teams will no longer work assuming that the Giants will pass the ball at every opportunity.

Odell Beckham Jr” by Erik Drost (CC BY-SA 2.0)

With that in mind, there is a reason to believe that the Giants are going to do much better this season. Eli Manning will have the option to throw or hand the ball off, and that will make the Giants unpredictable and diverse, something we haven’t seen from them in a long time. If you think the Giants can step up and challenge for NFL honors this season, then Oddschecker have many free bet offers for you to take advantage of.

The first thing they will have in their sights is to erase the dreadful season they had in 2017. They finished with a 3-13 record, much to the disappointment of their fans, and they need a good season to get them back on side. With a fully fit Beckham Jr, the addition of Barkley and a clean slate to begin with, the Giants look sure to improve on that and have a good season.

The decision to bring Saquon Barkley into the New York Giants was one that always had the potential to change this franchise for the better. With Barkley in the team, the Giants finally have a running back who can take some attention away from Odell Beckham Jr. With those two players working the offense, Eli Manning looks set to enjoy the next couple of seasons before he retires, while the Giants can have a successful spell.

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