Cancellation Policy

  • Price Lock: If your membership was purchased before 9/8/19, it is price locked into our old prices. You may upgrade to All Access or an Interactive membership at any time. Cancelling or Switching this membership to another sport will permanently remove your access to the lower prices.
  • 24-Hour and 1-Week: Will expire in accordance with the time period purchased and cannot be cancelled prior to end date. You may upgrade your subscription(s) at any time during your term.
  • When Cancelling Monthly Subscriptions: You are responsible for the full subscription fee in the monthly billing cycle in which you cancel. For example: purchased a subscription 8/10 and canceled 8/20, you would be responsible for the billing cycle ending 9/10, but you would no longer be billed for any future monthly subscription fees. Please note however, you will be able to access your membership 30 days from your activation date regardless of when you cancel.
  • Monthly and Annual subscriptions: May be switched / upgraded once a month.
  • Free Trials: Cancelling during a FREE TRIAL ends the membership immediately.
  • See My Account for more details about your subscription.
  • Charge back Policy
    We will address your concerns immediately AND please email us first so we can review your issue.
    Note the items below in case you have any questions about charges to your credit card.
    -Contact DFI via Email ([email protected]) if you have any questions about your charges or services.
    -Fraudulent Charge backs will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.
    -Despite the charge back outcome as vendor we have the right to send your debt to collections.
    -Login records and receipts are maintained as required by our Credit Card Merchants.
    -If you forgot to cancel your subscription or have other related concerns contact the DFI team first.
  • Any questions about our cancellation policy or a charge you feel should not have occurred please contact [email protected]