Why DFI Bets?

Most people bet on sports because it makes the games more fun. What can detract from the fun is researching for hours, only to end up losing money.

DFI Bets is the solution to these problems with the convenience of our service and the knowledge that you are getting well-researched picks with complete transparency when it comes to the results.

We’ve grown our team to over 40 analysts and fine-tuned our process and our models until we knew we could deliver elite results for the DFI community.

Our Dedication to Transparency

It’s one thing to talk about beating Vegas, and it’s another thing to do it. We keep our entire bet history public and update our results daily for complete transparency and proof of performance. Our mission is to provide the most convenient and efficient betting service that allows our community to effortlessly build their bankroll.

Have Questions?

Feel free to message us on Twitter at @dfitakeover or send an email to [email protected]

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