eSports Must-haves are our most highly recommended players for any given slate. Our experts select these picks above the rest and have determined they are most likely to reach or exceed value. These are the foundational players that we advise building your lineups around.  
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eSports | Worlds Must-Haves | 10/6/16

Ziv (DK: $6,600): Ziv had a decent Week 1 performance. Disregarding the match against Edward Gaming (EDG), Ziv scored 32.88 DK points against H2k Gaming and 30.64 DK points against INTZ. On Friday, AHQ is up against H2k Gaming once again. AHQ is a slow-paced and prioritizes objective control. They have defeated H2k before and we’re expecting another solid performance from them again as the European teams has been performing poorly in each group stages. Ziv is somewhat cheap and can provide at least 20+ DK points against H2k, as he is one of the core values of AHQ. We... Read More

eSports | Worlds: Must Haves | 10/1/16

Uzi (DK: $6,900): This guy is just on fire! On Day 1, he put up 46 DK points against TSM and was named as the MVP of that game. Now, he had another outstanding performance last night against Splyce, finishing the game with 45.28 DK points and a perfect KDA of 10/0/4. RNG’s next opponent is against Samsung Galaxy, who performed very poorly against TSM and ended up only getting 1 kill throughout the entire game while TSM had a team total of 18 kills. Furthermore, Uzi’s salary is just $6,900! That’s way too cheap, especially for a guy who... Read More

eSports | Must-Haves: LoL Worlds | 9/30/16

Maple (DK: $7,600): Maple is the mid-laner for the first place LMS team Flash Wolves. Tonight, Flash Wolves will be playing against the third place LPL team I May.  After last night, the strength of the LPL has been questioned with the undefeated team in the regular season Edward Gaming, losing to the Brazilian wildcard team. However, Royal Never Give Up was able to beat Team Solo Mid. With that in mind, the LMS looks pretty strong and we think Maple is poised to have a huge game.  During the regular season, Flash Wolves dominated the LPL and Maple was... Read More

eSports | Worlds Must-Haves | 9/29/16

Ziv (DK: $6,200): Ziv is one of the best top laners in the LMS and the world. He joined AHQ eSports club back in 2014 and turned AHQ into one of the top elite teams in the LMS today. AHQ won 1st place on both the 2015 Spring and Summer LMS Playoffs. Furthermore, Ziv is no rookie at an international level. He was part of the LMS All-Star team and had a good performance at MSI. Now, AHQ’s first match is up against H2k Gaming. Ziv is against the inconsistent top laner Odoamne. Ziv had a fairly high 4.7 KDA... Read More