eSports Must-Haves

eSports | MUST-HAVE | LEC 6/21

G2 Mikyx (DK: $5800) Mikyx has been a pivotal piece in this G2 team's success. His 73.8% kill participation is top-10 in the league and highest on G2 and he leads the league in assists with 62 when the next highest is at 51. G2 vs Fnatic is expected to be the highest kill game on the slate and the bottom lane is going to be a big focus which will allow for him to rack up the assists.

eSports | LCK/LPL EARLY MORNING | 7/22/17

We have a five game early morning slate on our hands. We have bolded the teams that we personally think will win their series: LGD vs SS – Jinoo is the lowest scorer on the team, focus on the other 4. WE vs OMG – Ben is the starting support. Zero only got playing time due to visa issues to Korea. EEW vs LZ – Khan, Cuzz, BDD are getting way too many points to ignore right now. JDG vs DAN – Ignore the jungle position for JDG, Loken should start at ADC. SSG vs MVP – Too expensive. Junglers... Read More

eSports | MUST-HAVES: LCK/LPL | 2/17/17

Xiye (DK: $7,200): The first Must-Have for tonight’s LCK & LPL slate is Xiye, the mid-laner for Team WE. Team WE is looking for their third win of the season as they go up against Vici Gaming. Xiye is currently priced at $7,200 on Draftkings, which makes him an attractive pick for the mid-lane position in both cash games and GPPs. He’s considered one of the most consistent mid-laners in China. Currently, Xiye’s Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG) on Draftkings is 76.2 FPPG, with a 3.7 KDA with a 73.7% kill participation but shares most of the team deaths at... Read More

EU LCS | Must-Haves | 2/16/17

Caps (DK: 6,400): Our first eSports Must-Have on this slate is the rookie mid laner for Fnatic, Caps, who has been having a very impressive split so far and has been the one of the highlights for the team. Caps is currently the fourth mid laner in Europe in kills with 62 and has the second highest kill participation with 73%. This week Fnatic will face off against Splyce in week 2 of cross table play in what should be quite the game as each team is in 3rd place in their group. Last week, Fnatic took on Vitality and... Read More

eSports | LCK/LPL: MUST-HAVES | 2/16/17

Huni (DK:$7,000): The first Must-Have for tonight’s four-game LCK/LPL slate is SK Telecom’s top laner Huni. He is currently priced at $7,000 on Draftkings and is the second most expensive top laner on the slate. Huni and the rest of the SKT team are up against a struggling Samsung Galaxy team. Despite losing to Afreeca Freecs, SKT are still a strong team and are considered to be the LCK powerhouse due to their spectacular teamfighting and macro game. Notably, Huni holds a 7.1 KDA with a 58.5% Kill Participation, and has the lowest share of team deaths, which is 15.5%... Read More