eSports | MUST-HAVES: LOL | 8/12/16

SK Telecom T1 is up against one of their LCK rivals KT Rolster. Both teams have the same W-L record in the regular season and it’s always exciting to watch these teams clash against each other, especially on the playoff stage. However, SK Telecom T1 has always been the more dominant team, and we’re expecting SKT to advance to the LCK Finals against Rox Tigers. Faker (DK: $7,400): He’s considered as the “Michael Jordan of LoL”, “Lionel Messi of LoL”, and the best League of Legends player of the world. Faker is a fantastic and aggressive mid-laner and has a... Read More

eSports | NA LCS MUST-HAVES | 6/26/16

Biofrost (DK: $6,000): TSM will be facing off against EnvyUS on Sunday in a series that will be closely contested. Biofrost has been, without a doubt, the best support this split. But with this upcoming series, we really feel Biofrost will impose his will on the other team. With recent dominating performances against the top ranked team in the NA LCS, expect Biofrost to continue his aggressive support play and domination of the bottom lane in map control. He is first in the NA LCS in KD Ratio for supports with a staggering 7.5 KDA on the season. He also... Read More

eSports | NA LCS MUST-HAVES | 6/25/16

Our first must-have comes from a matchup that should be fairly one-sided. Immortals should have an easy time dispatching Team Liquid this weekend, meaning Immortals players will be expensive, but also picking up a lot of kills. Huni (DK: $7,200) is our top pick from Immortals. His aggressive plays gives him the ability to outplay many, if not all top laners. Huni also has the most kills of any top laner, and third highest kill participation. Ideally this matchup would go to game 3 to allow the most amount of points, however it seems more likely that Immortals will crush Liquid in two games, meaning... Read More

eSports | NA LCS MUST-HAVES | 6/11/16

Froggen (DK: $7,900): Echo Fox didn’t have the best performance during week 1 against C9, but that was an extremely difficult matchup for them to come out on top of. This week, they will be going against NRG, who has looked sloppy in their play and have simply just not been playing well. Froggen is the best pick here, as he seems to be the best player on Echo Fox, having the highest KDA at 7.8, and highest kill participation at 73.8%. After watching Echo Fox play, it looks like their whole team knows Froggen will carry them if he... Read More

eSports | NA LCS MUST-HAVES | 6/10/16

Ray (DK: $6,400): Apex performed better than expected in many ways last week, and if their playstyle is consistent they will bring in a lot of points this weekend. Ray played aggressive and smart last weekend, coming out on top in overall kills on his team with 70.9% kill participation. Since the Apex vs. NV matchup is best of 3, this is the most promising match from which to draft players as both teams played well last week and are coming into Friday with the same record. Ideally we want both teams to play well so that it ends up... Read More