Written by GuestWriter on October 23, 2017

There are quite a few young quarterbacks making their first career starts this week. Fantasy owners are very excited about using both of them, and in this article we will discuss whether or not that is a good idea. Our thoughts on this quarterbacks should also help you decide if you want to bet for or against them.

For those that enjoy fantasy sports, we have put together a list of the top quarterbacks to start this week, which should also give you some NFL betting tips.

Brett Hundley
Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints

Last week Hundley came in to replace Aaron Rodgers who took a very hard fall onto his collarbone. That caused his collarbone to break, which caused Brett Hundley to enter the game. He looked awful. He threw three interceptions and was frequently overwhelmed. The Saints defense has been one of the best at making big plays this year. They’ve scored three touchdowns in their last few games and are all over the field. Their only real weakness is their slot cornerback, but the Packers may need to go with two wide receivers instead of three so they can bring in an extra tight end to help protect Hundley.

The Packers will be missing some key offensive lineman in this game, and all in all they appear to be outmatched by the Saints. Expect Brees and company to handle them easily and cover the spread.

CJ Beathard
San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys don’t boast a very impressive pass defense, but they don’t have a terrible one either. Like Hundley, the crowd is a bit overexcited about Beathard making his first start. They are pointing to him throwing for over 250 yards in 2.5 quarters and multiplying that out across 4 quarters. That’s not the correct approach to take though, as Beathard got most of those yards as the Redskins sat back in prevent defense, allowing him to rack up yardage. Beathard stood in the pocket way too long on most of his throws, and we think the Cowboys will be able to get to him this week. Bet the Cowboys if you are picking a team in this game.

The last quarterback we’d like to focus on is Marcus Mariota for the Tennessee Titans against the Cleveland Browns.

Mariota is coming off a week he almost didn’t even play in the team’s game, but he played very well. Now he gets to face a Browns defense that is very strong against the run, but struggles against the pass. This is a great opportunity for him to put up a huge game. Bank on Mariota and the Titans to take care of business against the Browns by airing it out early and often.

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