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War Rooms

DFI War Rooms are our unique platform designed to give you quick access to all the best DFS picks and lineup building advice. You can check out sample War Rooms under the tab of each sport. In each sample War Room, you’ll see the header first, which contains a summary of our picks and content for the slate. Beneath the header we have the pinned posts from our team, which explain why we like certain players and how we recommend building lineups for the slate. The pinned posts will also include any pertinent info we think you need like injury updates, weather updates, lineup changes, and stuff like that. Underneath all the pinned posts, you’ll see the questions from our users and the answers from our Insiders. After you read a post in the War Room, you’ll want to click “hide” to minimize it. As you go through the War Room minimizing each thing you read, it’ll be easy to find the content you haven’t already read. If a comment is made on a post you’ve already hidden, you won’t be left in the dark. You’ll see the “boom” emoji next to where it says “show” and that’s how you’ll know to unhide that post and see the new comments. If you want to look for info on a specific player, click the player’s name in the header. Anywhere that player has been mentioned in the War Room will appear. After using the War Room a couple times, most new users love the format. It keeps you from missing anything and gets you all the info you need as efficiently as possible. Your hidden posts will also transfer instantaneously across devices so you won’t have to redo anything. Lastly, a Read-Only membership will only let you read all the content, while Interactive access will let you ask questions and comment on any post in the War Room.

No. We respect the competitive nature of DFS and aim to avoid limiting each members’ upside by providing identical lineups for everyone. While we will not provide you with a full lineup, we  will provide all the picks you’ll need to create a lineup of your own that is backed by rigorous research and expertise. Any players that our research suggests need to be locked into your lineup will be made clear to you, even on the slates where that ends up filling over half your lineup. Our goal is to help you create a unique lineup with the players you want to root for, while simultaneously making it impossible for you to assemble a bad lineup. We’ve been accomplishing this goal for years, and we think you will love the format of the War Rooms. Our team will also be available to answer any questions you may have about specific players on the slate during active War Room hours.

No. The stacks list players on the same team who we believe correlate well. Unless stated otherwise, we suggest using two or three players in any particular stack. However, in GPPs, you can consider using 4+ players listed in the stack for maximum tournament upside. The best stacking principles also vary by sport, and our team will usually indicate what we think the optimal strategy is.

Not exactly. The header begins with any Must-Haves or War Room featured plays. These are the guys we like the most and think you should lock into your lineups. There will almost always be write-ups for these players underneath the header. After these plays, we typically list all players who are viable in cash games and GPPs in order of descending average salary across the major DFS sites. The most expensive players will therefore be listed first, but that doesn’t make them our favorite plays every time. After those players, we will list players that have “tags” after their names. In every War Room, there is an option to view our War Room glossary, which explains what each tag means, as well as other icons you will see in the War Room.

For daily sports, the War Rooms almost always begin two hours before the main slate locks each day. Sundays are the exception where War Rooms usually begin one hour prior to lock. For weekly sports, War Rooms are often available more than 24 hours in advance of the slate, but it’s essential that you check back in within an hour of the slate locking, as there is often news that affects the header. We also have a calendar feature on our site that shows which slates we will cover and when the War Room is expected to open up. If you download our mobile app, you can turn notifications on and you’ll get a push notification straight to your phone when new content is posted.

The War Rooms cover DraftKings and FanDuel, but we also have experience with Fantasy Draft, Thrive, PlayLine, Boom, and PrizePicks. If you have questions about any of these sites, or another site, feel free to ask our experts and we’d be happy to look into it for you!


DFI Must-Haves are the players on a slate that we believe are essential for optimal lineups. We think they are safe for your cash game lineups, and usually they will also have the potential to post slate-breaking scores for tournaments (GPPs). As sharp as the field can be these days, this often does lead to higher-owned Must-Haves, but not always. It depends on the sport and it depends on the slate. We believe you should start your lineups with DFI Must-Haves in all contests and build from there. If our team believes it may be best to pivot in GPPs, we will let you know in the War Room.

The team that researches a particular slate communicates back and forth all day/week and decides on the Must-Haves together. The analysts researching that sport will have the Must-Have in all cash games. Most of our Must-Haves are great tournament plays as well, but in the cases where we think they can be faded, we will note that in the War Room along with the pros and cons of playing them. Often, when subscribers choose to fade Must-Haves, it’s because they believe they will be chalky (highly-owned). In cash games, having a high-owned player is not harmful at all, but in tournaments, it can pigeonhole you into a certain build, which is why these players can be faded under certain circumstances. We will always make a note about why we are fading a Must-Have in tournaments, but those situations will not happen often.

We aim to post the Must-Haves at least two hours before the slate begins for the sports with daily content. For sports such as NFL and CFB that always have weekend slates, posting times will vary. NBA is the one sport where Must-Haves are often posted closer to lock, as injury news is often the deciding factor and it doesn’t always come out two hours before lock.

General DFS

We recommend playing in single entry contests to give yourself the best chance to cash. These contests give you the best opportunity to avoid DFS sharks who enter hundreds of lineup combinations that put your single lineup at a disadvantage.

We will cover the main slate for each sport offered. If we are covering any other auxiliary slates, we will include that on our calendar as an event, so you can see it well in advance and reserve entries.

In most cases, yes! While the hours of the War Rooms may change, if a main slate falls on a weekend or holiday you can expect coverage from DFI. In fact, some of our team’s biggest wins have come on Thanksgiving NFL slates or Christmas Day NBA slates. Be sure to check our Calendar for War Room hours, updates or any other changes to the normal schedules.

GPP stands for “guaranteed prize pool” which indicates that the contest is a top-heavy payout, often called a tournament. Typically only the top 20-25% of entries get paid and the top prize is significantly higher than the entry fee. This is different from a cash game (50/50’s, head to heads and double ups) where everyone who gets paid gets the same prize, whether you’re first or just barely above the cash line. GPP contests typically require a bit more risk in order to achieve the upside necessary to get first.

DFI Bets

DFI’s sports betting advice is reserved for our DFI Bets service.

You can check out our fully transparent betting results. You can see each bet that we put out as well as if it won or not. You can even filter to see an exact date range or the type of bet (must-haves, standard, live, prop, other). These are updated on a daily basis so you can keep up with our team’s success.

Historically, DFI Bets has a win rate of over 55%. Some people are not impressed by this, but if you do the math, you only need to win just over 52% of your bets with standard juice to come out ahead. Not all bets have equal juice, as DFI posts some underdog bets and some heavier favorites, but in the long run you will almost always be profitable hitting over 55% of bets. If you find yourself losing money in the long run despite following bets winning over 55%, you are probably changing your unit size. The unit size is the amount of you bet on a typical bet. We recommend maintaining a consistent unit size to prevent big swings up and down in your bankroll. These big fluctuations are what causes someone to end with less money than when they started even if over 55% of their bets are winners. Another factor to consider in your profitability is the cost of DFI Bets. Our services are only $25 a month, which means that a 55% win rate should more than cover that additional cost as long as you are betting more than a couple dollars per bet. However, only you can do the exact math on how much you risk per bet and how many bets you manage to take each month, and that will determine whether DFI Bets is a good fit for you. We hope this helps but if you have any other questions feel free to reach out. You can also see the entire history of DFI Bets results if you’re curious about the types of bets our team has been posting and how we’ve performed over any given period of time.


Yes! We offer discounted Read-Only memberships for each sport, both Monthly and Annual. We don’t want you to pay for features you don’t want, so if you just want a place to quickly grab all the picks and info you need to crush a slate, the Read-Only option might be right for you!

You can see the prices for every membership under “Pricing” within each sport’s dropdown in the main navigation bar of the site.

DFI Merch

DFI merchandise can’t be purchased at this time. You can, however, be awarded a free DFI shirt by tweeting at @DFITakeover with #DFITakeover in the caption and including a screenshot of a GPP win. For the win to qualify, you must win $1000+ or finish 1st in a GPP with 100+ entries. Additional DFI merchandise may become available in the future for contest winners.