DFI Team Member Expectations

 Our analysts dive deep into every single day of sports action, digging up all the possible edges we can find in pursuit of success for the DFI community. DFI analysts must be able to make decisions on the fly, work well with others, communicate clearly, and have strong writing skills. Knowledge of multiple sports is a plus, but a deep understanding of at least one sport is all that we require.

Job Opportunities


DFS and Sports Betting Analyst

DFI Analyst Benefits

DFI analyst starting pay is $10.50/hr or the minimum wage in your state – whichever is higher. Team members form professional connections with some of the brightest minds in fantasy sports and sports betting. DFI analysts have used their experience and connections to go on and do a vast array of things ranging from full time sports analysts working for leagues and teams, all the way to dentists, lawyers, teachers and coaches. We take pride in elevating our analysts to achieve their goals and enjoy the process along the way. At DFI, we emphasize a healthy blend between work and enjoyment.

All new team members get free access to all DFI content and resources, as well as a DFI t-shirt and bottle opener. All team members are also invited to attend the annual DFI retreat. Being an online company, it’s important to us that our team gets together at least once a year to build relationships and connect with our teammates.

While you’re here, you can also apply to join the DFI Partners team.

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