Why DFI Bets?

Our War Rooms are a one-stop shop for everything you need for each NFL slate, from our favorite picks and bets to our most in-depth analysis!

With Monthly or Annual Access, you can directly ask our Insiders questions right in the War Room and see all the questions and responses from other members of the community!

Don't care to ask questions, just want all the info quickly and easily? Get a discount on our full Access with our Read-Only options! And if even that sounds like too much commitment, try it out with 24-Hour Access for just a few bucks.

This innovative tool allows you to build lineups and place bets in a matter of minutes so you can feel confident without sacrificing hours of your own time researching.

What Makes us Different?

Our team dives into player prop bets, live game bets, high-upside parlays, and teasers. We analyze all aspects of every game to provide you with the top bets from basketball, football, hockey, golf, baseball, international soccer, and much more.

Our greatest strength has always been our ability to forecast the performance of individual players. Our analysts break down independent matchups to the extreme and consistently find the most exploitable player props. Player props are usually set around the player averages as the general lack of public interest means it’s hardly worth the bookkeeper’s time to set them more precisely. The picture below shows a night where we crushed the five best NBA props availableThe picture to the right shows a night where we crushed the five best NBA props available.

How We Deliver Our Picks:

In order to get you our research in a matter of seconds, our top picks are posted every day on our Twitter account @dfibets.

The quantity of picks varies depending on the games offered and the value we are able to find, but you can generally expect 3-5 picks in addition to live bets when our analysts see something in the early flow of a game.

Our team generates over 100 thoroughly researched bets each month, which means you’re paying less than 25 cents per bet!

When you turn on notifications for our Twitter account, you will get an instant update on your phone every time our team announces a bet. This is not only optimal for live betting, but it allows you to jump on opportunities the second they arise in order to maximize your gains.

Our Dedication to Transparency

It’s one thing to talk about beating Vegas, and it’s another thing to do it. We keep our entire bet history public and update our results daily for complete transparency and proof of performance. Our mission is to provide the most convenient and efficient betting service that allows our community to effortlessly build their bankroll.

Have Questions?

Feel free to message us on Twitter at @dfibets or send an email to [email protected]

Free Betting Advice

Maybe you’ve read through all this and you’re thinking “I just don’t bet enough to justify becoming a part of the DFI community.” If that’s the case, we totally get it, and we don’t want to leave you empty-handed. Here are some general rules to live by that will make you a more profitable sports bettor:

  • Do not follow sharp money blindly – We monitor sharp money, as it is essential to betting efficiently, but our picks are all thoroughly justified through extensive matchup research. If you’re making your own picks, always do more research than just figuring out who other people are betting on.
  • Don’t overvalue nationally televised games – Everyone enjoys primetime matchups and watching their bets unfold live, but it doesn’t always align with where the real value is. Often times the games that are most attractive to the public have the most accurately set lines as the bookkeepers put extra time into getting those right.
  • Don’t rely on long-shot parlays – It’s nice to see how high the payoff will be when you’re considering a parlay, but it will often be a losing bet. We rarely advise parlays, and when we do they are well calculated and the risk/reward will align cost-effectively.
  • Avoid going on tilt – This is by far the most important tip of them all. Betting is an inherently up and down endeavor, and you’re almost certainly going to become emotional at times. Losing a couple bets in a row is unavoidable, even if you are the sharpest bettor of all time. However, the sharpest bettors avoid letting the outcome of a previous bet affect their next decision. The key to long-term profitability is to develop an efficient strategic system and stick to it. With a team of 40+ analysts working together, it’s much easier to remove emotion from the equation, but if you go at it alone you need to be particularly cautious about going on tilt.

We look forward to having you in our community and we hope you’re looking forward to getting winning picks sent straight to your phone without spending any of your precious time on research!