MLB Must-Haves

MLB | Must-Haves | 9/17

Tyler Naquin (DK: $2,600 FD: $2,700): Our first Must-Have for tonight’s baseball slate is Cleveland Indians outfielder Tyler Naquin. Naquin and the Indians will get their first look at the... Read More

MLB | Must-Haves | 9/16

Marcell Ozuna (DK: $4,700 FD: $3,900): Marcell Ozuna has flat-out demolished lefties this year, and now gets rookie Keegan Akin tonight. The video game stats Ozuna possesses against southpaws this... Read More

MLB | Must-Haves 9/15

Whit Merrifield (DK: $4,800 FD: $3,300): Our first Must-Have of the day will be stepping into the box against left-hander Matt Boyd. Merrifield and Boyd have already met across 45... Read More

MLB | Must-Haves | 9/14

Freddie Freeman (DK: $5,500 FD: $4,300): The Braves draw a matchup against right-hander Jorge Lopez in Baltimore tonight. Lopez has allowed a hefty .315 xISO and an xwOBA near .400... Read More

MLB | Must-Haves | 9/12

Jose Abreu (DK: $5,300; FD: $3,700): Jose Abreu is our first Must-Have of tonight’s slate and we love his upside hitting in the middle of the order for the extremely... Read More