MMA | Spotlight: Lopez vs. Yahya | 7/13/16

The matchup between Matthew Lopez (DK: $9,400) and Rani Yahya (DK: $10,000) presents great value on Wednesday night’s card. Lopez is nobody to omit with all of his first round wins, even though they aren’t against great performers. Just as Alvey, he holds both a two-inch reach advantage and southpaw fighting style. Thus being said, Lopez is still a risky play. Yahya has mediocre striking statistics, but really flies with his 2.99 average takedowns per 15 minutes. For this reason, we believe Lopez has been focusing on his takedown defense, while staying on his feet will be a priority. This... Read More

MMA | Spotlight: Alvey vs Theodorou | 6/18/16

This weekend’s card holds a big upset opportunity that can differentiate your lineup and make you a winner. Sam “Smile’n” Alvey goes up against the favorite Elias Theodorou “The Spartan”. Theodorou is favored by a vegas money line of -300 of which we thoroughly disagree with. Alvey holds the ability to turn the table and tack up another big point win for himself. Theodorou has been matched up against amateur fighters who haven’t impressed much to get the record he has today. Alvey is fighting in a southpaw stance where Theodorou is fighting as an orthodox. As we know, fighting... Read More

MMA | Spotlight: Rockhold vs. Bisping | 6/4/16

This weekend’s main event holds opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Luke Rockhold (DK: $11,400) is by far the most favored fighter on the card, but in our, eyes we see it differently. Vegas is putting Michael Bisping (DK: $8,000) at a huge disadvantage, which should scare people away from believing in him. Bisping has comparable statistics and has shown that he can bring home some big wins. Fifty-four percent of his wins are knockouts. The only two losses Rockhold has are first round knockouts. If Bisping gets in close enough to land strikes, he can make it happen.... Read More

MMA | Spotlight: Stipe Miocic | 5/14/16

Stipe Miocic (DK: $9,100): When looking for upside in a fighter, one of the first places to look should be the title fight. By having five rounds to rack up strikes, as well as gain submissions/knockout bonuses, a title fighter has more opportunities to score points. Because of his low $9,100 price tag, Miocic offers salary relief coupled with high upside. Miocic is nine pounds heavier and has a 3” longer reach than Fabricio Werdum. He also averages 1.5 more strikes per minute in addition to more takedowns per fight. The most important stat in his favor, however, is his... Read More

MMA | Spotlight: Silva vs. Struve | 5/8/16

We believe the fight between Antonio Silva (DK: $9,500) and Stefan Struve (DK: $9,900) could go either way but it is likely to end rather quickly. We will definitely be having two lineups split with one of these fighters. Both of these guys have an average fight time of just around 7:30 minutes. These guys have massive reach advantages over most of their opponents with Silva having 80 inches and Struve with 84.5 inches. Silva lands and absorbs about 3 strikes per minute while Struve strikes and absorbs about 3.5 strikes per minute. Both of these fighters average less than... Read More