Written by Daily Fantasy Insider on February 15, 2017

Caps (DK: 6,400): Our first Must-Have on this slate is the rookie mid laner for Fnatic, Caps, who has been having a very impressive split so far and has been the one of the highlights for the team. Caps is currently the fourth mid laner in Europe in kills with 62 and has the second highest kill participation with 73%. This week Fnatic will face off against Splyce in week 2 of cross table play in what should be quite the game as each team is in 3rd place in their group. Last week, Fnatic took on Vitality and also debuted a new rookie jungler Broxah (DK: 5,500), and they were able to pull of the 2-1 win. Caps leads his team in kills and is second to only fellow rookie jungler Broxah.  These two rookies are poised to take over this game and if you want to strengthen your lineup we recommend pairing these two, as Fnatic tends to play around Caps and aims to get him ahead.
Xerxe (DK: 6,100): Xerxe is the jungler for Unicorns of Love and has been a pivotal reason why they are sitting atop group B with a 5-0 record. Xerxe boasts a kill participation of 72% and has the most assists among junglers in EU with 124. This week, Unicorn will face off against G2 Esports who is in first place in Group A. We expect a great series from these two powerhouse teams. Xerxe has been the key to the Unicorns success this year with his early pressure being used to snowball advantages for his team. The Unicorns are an aggressive team that like to cause chaos around the map and that leads to a lot of kills and points for this team. Look to strengthen your lineup with the addition of their mid laner Exileh (DK: 7,200) who along with Xerxe has a been the duo to create opportunities for early kills. Another player we like from the Unicorns is top laner Vizicsaci (DK: 6,500), who has a kill participation of 73% and is a key player to the Unicorns success. Consider all of these players, but lock in Xerxe as our second Must-Have on the slate. 

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