eSports | NA LCS Must-Haves | 6/25/16

Our first must-have comes from a matchup that should be fairly one-sided. Immortals should have an easy time dispatching Team Liquid this weekend, meaning Immortals players will be expensive, but also picking up a lot of kills. Huni (DK: $7,200) is our top pick from Immortals. His aggressive plays gives him the ability to outplay many, if not all top laners. Huni also has the most kills of any top laner, and third highest kill participation. Ideally this matchup would go to game 3 to allow the most amount of points, however it seems more likely that Immortals will crush Liquid in two games, meaning that you shouldn’t draft a whole lot of players from this contest.


NRG vs. P1 is probably the first time this split that were very confident in NRG winning a game. P1 has played very poorly this summer, and even though NRG has been relatively mediocre, that should be enough to defeat P1. GBM (DK: $7,700) and Ohq (DK: $7,700) should definitely be the two players to put in your lineup from NRG. Both of them lead their teams in kills, and they seem to be the most confident players on their team as well. GBM has had some good experience in the LCS and is able to pick up a lot of points if his team is in the lead. As with the Immortals vs. Liquid matchup, this one will likely be over in 2 games, so drafting GBM and OHQ should be the max amount of players to grab from NRG.

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