eSports | Must-Haves: NA LCS | 2/17/17

Moon (DK: 6,700):  The first Must-Have of this slate is Moon, who is the jungler for the second-place team FlyQuest. Moon is generously priced at $6,700 for tonight’s slate, and that’s a steal for the jungler with the second most kills this split (102) and the highest KDA among junglers with a 5.9. This week, FlyQuest will face off against the eighth-place team Dignitas, who are struggling up to this point with the two Korean imports not living up to the hype. FlyQuest ranks second in kills this season and Moon is at the center of that, with a 68% kill participation. Not only does Moon help set up fights to get his team ahead, he has only died 38 times this split and leads the league in that category for junglers who have played at least 19 games. With FlyQuest’s aggressive play style, look for Moon to rack up the points and help his team secure the win. We predict that this match will be a 2-0 victory for FlyQuest, which will provide a nice 20-point boost for a game not played bonus.  To strengthen your lineup, look to target more FlyQuest players like mid-laner Hai (DK: 7,700) and ADC Altec (DK: 7,700), who are both pivotal players for FlyQuest.

Ninja (DK: 5,600): The second Must-Have of the slate is Ninja, who is the mid-laner for the last place team EnVyUs.  While this split has been a major disappointment for EnVyUs, they’ve had a few bright moments, like beating Team Liquid 2-0. This game showed that there are high points for the EnVy team, starting with their mid-lane Ninja who has the ability to take over a game and carry his team. This week, EnVy will face off against a surging Phoenix1 team, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be without their star jungler Inori. Without Inori as the main carry with his aggressive style, we expect Phoenix1’s level of play to drop, which is why we believe that EnVyUs is a good play. Ninja has a kill participation of 64% and leads his team in total damage dealt, being responsible for 25% of it. Rostering Ninja will also provide salary relief that will allow for the pick up of FlyQuest players, which we highlighted earlier. Another good player to target for some salary relief is EnVy’s jungler Lira (DK: 4,800), who boasts a kill participation of 70% and puts a lot of priority at getting Ninja ahead.   

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