eSports | Must-Haves: NA LCS | 2/3/17

Inori (DK: $6,300): Inori is the Jungler for Phoenix 1 and really became popular last season with his stellar Rengar play against then undefeated Team SoloMid.  While the last split Phoenix 1 had a tough time getting wins, and had to battle back into the league through the promotion series, this split they look unstoppable.  With the upgrades in mid-lane and at ADC, Inori can gank all three lanes to help them get an advantage.  So far this split, Inori leads his team in kills with 44 and boasts a 70% kill participation. He also has a KDA of 4.5 this split.  Phoenix 1 relies on Inori to establish early game leads which help them snowball victories. Phoenix 1 will be playing against Immortals who are having a very mediocre season compared to performances from the past splits. They currently lead the league in deaths with 187 through the first two weeks.  Immortals likes to cause chaos and team fights, which is why we think Inori will have a big series. Overall, Phoenix 1 is a significantly improved team that is atop the league standings thanks in part to Inori’s aggressive early game and clean team fighting. To make a lineup stronger, look to pair Inori with his top-laner Zig (DK: $6,600) who has a kill participation of 67% and KDA of 3.3. Another good Phoenix 1 player to add to your lineup is Korean ADC import Arrow (DK: $7,300) who has had provided the team with a reliable damage source from the bot lane, and also has a kill participation of 70% with a 5.5 KDA.

Lourlo (DK: $7,000):  Lourlo is the top-laner for Team Liquid and is having a very good spring split so far with his carry potential.  This season, Liquid added a new jungler who tends to put a high priority on getting Lourlo ahead, which has helped him rack up 27 kills and only 10 deaths so far this split, for an astounding 7.7 KDA.  This week, Team Liquid will play against the severely underwhelming EnVyUS, which holds last place in the league so far this split.  This EnVy team has been quite the let down this split and seem to lack the teamwork needed to succeed in the league. Team Liquid has also had a tumultuous season with highs and lows, but we think this will be the week they get their season back on track and take a win against the bottom team in the league.  This series is a great one to target because we think it will provide numerous kills and an abundance of points for Lourlo and his team. Team Liquid tends to play around their solo lanes, so if you want to target another player from this game look at mid-laner Goldenglue (DK: $7,700) who is leading the team in kills with 36 and a 70% kill participation. Goldenglue has shown he can handle the pressure of the LCS stage and is having a great split with the help of Lourlo.


–Drew Hibyan

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