Written by Jordan Alejandre - DF Insider on April 11, 2019

Ozzie Albies (DK: $4,500; FD: $3,400): Our first Must-Have for tonight’s small Thursday slate is Ozzie Albies. Albies is strictly second base on both sites and with the position being so weak it makes us love him even more. Albies and the Braves will be taking on left-hander Steven Matz tonight who was touched up on by righties last season to the tune of 1.66 HR/9, a 4.74 FIP and a 37.8 hard-hit percentage. Albies also took care of business against lefties last season with a .905 OPS and .213 ISO to go with a minimal 14.3% K rate. Matz throws his sinker a whopping 57.58% of the time to right-handed batters and Albies owned a .258 xISO and .407 xwOBA to the pitch last season. A final piece of upside for this young stud is the stolen base upside. Matz allowed 28 stolen bases last season and with Albies having 14 swiped bags last year and already two this season he has ample upside on this slate. Lock him in as our first Must-Have!

Mookie Betts (DK: $5,400; FD: $4,800): Our second Must-Have for tonight is the reigning American League MVP, Mookie Betts. Betts will take on Aaron Sanchez tonight who allowed a xwOBA of .413 to his main pitch, a two-seam fastball which he throws 40.15% of the time. To that pitch last season, Betts owned a .225 ISO and .412 xwOBA to go with a 2.46 SwStr%. Sanchez’s second most thrown pitch is his four-seam fastball thrown 23.83% of the time at an average speed of 93.8 MPH. To four-seam fastballs between 93 and 96 MPH last season, Betts owned an insane .309 xISO and .503 xwOBA with only a 3.44 SwStr%. Against right-handed pitching in 2018, Betts belted 23 homers along with a .339 average, 1.037 OPS, .271 ISO, .436 wOBA, and a hefty 44% hard-hit rate. Betts also has some stolen base upside with Sanchez allowing 10 stolen bases last season. Betts is in a smash spot tonight and we want him locked in alongside Albies. Good luck!

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