Written by Caleb Dameron - DF Insider on April 15, 2018

Ian Kinsler (FDraft: $7,400 DK: $3,900 FDuel: $3,700): Our first Must-Have of the day will be stepping in the box in Kansas City against left-hander Eric Skoglund. Right-handers have already had their way with Skoglund in 2018, allowing them to hit him to the tune of a .577 wOBA, .417 average, 9.90 FIP and 50% hard hit rate. Skoglund also struggled with right-handed bats in 2017 thanks to a .441 wOBA, .366 average and 5.35 FIP against them. With Ian Kinsler back in the lineup for the Angels, they gain a huge power source against left-handed pitching thanks to his .261 ISO against lefties from 2017. Kinsler also hit left-handers to a .278 average, .896 OPS, .374 wOBA and impressive 45% hard hit rate. Skoglund is showcasing his four-seam fastball over 50% of the time to right-handers and Kinsler held down a massive .514 ISO against four-seam fastballs from lefties in 2017. With Kinsler’s career .300 average and .817 OPS at Kauffman Stadium to add on, we will be locking him across all sites and formats today.

Brandon Nimmo (FDraft: $5,600 DK: $3,000 FDuel: $2,800): The New York Mets have decided to go with a new leadoff hitter today in Brandon Nimmo. Jhoulys Chacin will be toeing the rubber for the Brewers tonight and has already labored to begin the season. Left-handers on the road have tagged Chacin for a 3.00 HR/9, 11.38 FIP, .333 average, .438 wOBA and 44% hard hit rate in 2018. We anticipate Chacin to continue to struggle on the road since he allowed a 6.32 FIP to left-handers on the road in 2017 to go with a .411 wOBA against them. Nimmo was a very serviceable left-hander for the Mets last season, hitting right-handers to the tune of an .878 OPS, .193 ISO, .377 wOBA, .281 average and 39% hard hit rate. Chacin has also been a ground ball pitcher for most of his career and is again this year thanks to ground ball rates over 50%. We can tell you that Nimmo has crushed ground ball pitching in his career with a .286 average and .854 OPS against them. We will be locking Nimmo’s quality value out of the leadoff spot across all formats tonight!

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