Written by Daily Fantasy Insider on April 15, 2019

Matt Carpenter (DK: $3,800 FD: $3,400): Matt Carpenter is our first Must-Have of the night. Carpenter is batting leadoff against tonight against right-hander Freddy Peralta and the Milwaukee Brewers. Peralta struggles against left-handed hitters, allowing hitters to hit him to the tune of a .354 xISO with a .205 xISO since 2018. Peralta also owned a 4.86 xFIP and a 46% hard hit rate to lefties from last season and has already allowed a 43% hard-hit rate and 5.99 FIP in 2019. Carpenter fits the bill for a left-handed bat who crushes righties, last year Carpenter hit to the tune of a .268 AVG, .930 OPS, .280 ISO, 145 wRC+ , and 27 homers with a 48.3% hard hit rate against righties. Carpenter also matches up well with Peralta’s pitches, Peralta throws his four-seam fastball (90.6 mph) 78% of the time and his curveball just over 10% of the time. Since the beginning of 2018, Carpenter owns a .421 xwOBA with a .291 xISO against the four-seam fastball from righties while curveballs are being hit to a .241 xISO. We love the upside that Carpenter brings tonight in the leadoff spot!

Adalberto Mondesi (DK: $5,100 FD: $4,300): Adalberto Mondesi is our second Must-Have tonight as he is facing off against Ervin Santana and the Chicago White Sox. Santana is mostly a two pitch pitcher, throwing primarily a four-seam fastball with a slider. Santana occasionally mixes in a change-up to lefties, but not enough to focus on it as a main pitch. Against right-handed pitchers in 2018, Mondesi hit to the tune of a .273 AVG, .850 OPS, .273 ISO, 122 wRC+, with a 42.4% hard hit rate. Already in 2019, Mondesi holds down a .282 AVG, .907 OPS, .308 ISO, .372 wOBA and 45% hard-hit rate against right-handers. Santana has not been good to left-handed hitters, allowing them to hit him to a .424 xwOBA with a .325 xISO since 2018. To his four-seam fastball (90.3 mph), lefties are hitting him to the tune of .476 xwOBA with a .396 xISO. To this pitch, Mondesi hits to a .378 wOBA with a .400 ISO. Mondesi also hits the slider well, hitting to a .339 xwOBA with a .221 xISO. Mondesi has great power upside as well as stolen base upside since Santana allowed 11 successful stolen bases in his last full season pitching in 2017 and Mondesi almost always has the greenlight on the base-paths. Thanks to the power and stolen base upside, Mondesi is our second Must-Have for tonight’s slate!

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