Written by Alex Mueller - DF Insider on April 17, 2019

Avisail Garcia (DK: $4,100 FDuel: $3,000): Our first Must-Have of the night is Avisail Garcia of the Tampa Bay Rays. Taking the mound on the opposing side of the matchup will be David Hess. Last year on the road against right-handed hitters, Hess allowed a .526 SLG%, .369 wOBA, 1.55 HR/9, and a 46.5% fly-ball %. Looking into his pitching arsenal, he throws his four-seam 93.7 MPH fastball 54.46% of the time. His secondary pitch is a slider in which he throws 30.69% of the time. Hess currently owns a .475 xISO on the fastball and a .360 wOBA on the slider. Opening up this season, Avisail has taken on a new approach with his at-bats and they have certainly paid off. Against the fastball, he owns a .242 xISO and a .410 xwOBA. Against the slider, he already owns a .500 ISO and a .453 wOBA and his x numbers are even better than those currently. Avisail is currently hitting righties this year for a 45.5% hard-hit rate. This should translate well against Hess’ flyable attributes given that Avisail owns a 1.023 OPS, .615 SLG%, and a .385 batting average in already 27 plate appearances this season against fly-ball pitchers. We like Avisail Garcia tonight at mid-order of the lineup producing lots of upside opportunity. Lock in Avisail Garcia as our first Must-Have of the night!

Josh Donaldson (DK: $4,300 FDuel: $4,000): Our second Must-Have of the night is Josh Donaldson of the Atlanta Braves. Facing the Braves will be Zack Godley of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Last year against right-handed batters, Godley allowed 10 home-runs, a 37.4% hard-hit %, and a 0.98 HR/9. Looking at his pitching arsenal, he is a sole knuckle ball thrower as he spits it out 44.26% of the time. His secondary pitch is a sinker in which he throws 33.33% of the time. Donaldson crushes these pitches as he owns a .250 ISO against the knuckle and a .333 ISO against the sinker. This year at home against righties, Donaldson has posted a .375 batting avg with a nasty 1.250 OPS, and a .750 SLG%. He’s also crushing RHP with a 63.3% hard-hit % on the season. Godley has struggled to open the season against righties as he has already allowed a .462 SLG% and a .360 wOBA. In a short sample, Donaldson is 2 for 3 off of Godley with a run batted in as well. Given that Godley is a ground-ball pitcher, we can see that Donaldson has his way with them as he owns a .858 OPS and a .469 SLG%. Donaldson is in a prime spot tonight and we are locking him in as our second Must-Have of the night!

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