Written by Daily Fantasy Insider on May 28, 2018

Trevor Story (FDraft: $9,100 DK: $4,800 FDuel: $4,200): Tonight the Colorado Rockies will host the SF Giants in Coors Field. Additionally, Trevor Story gets a golden lefty matchup tonight. Taking the mound for the Giants will be Andrew Suarez. Looking into how he has been this year against right-handed batters on the road, he has already given up a 1.86 HR/9, 5.48 FIP, and a 48.6% hard-hit rate. When Story has seen a LHP like Suarez this year, he has posted a 1.088 OPS, .387 ISO, .694 SLG%, and a 43.9% hard-hit rate. Against right-handed hitters, Suarez hasn’t been favorable to fly-ball hitters or ground-ball hitters. His numbers indicate he is average between both pitch splits. This year against average pitchers like Suarez, Story has posted respectable numbers with a .505 SLG% and five homeruns in 93 at-bats. Tonight, those splits will carry over to Coors Field, a place where Story has absolutely raked lefties. He already owns a .750 ISO, 1.760 OPS, 1.208 SLG%, and has a hard-hit rate of 55.6%. His batting average against LHP at home is a .458 and tonight he gets a very favorable matchup. Suarez’s main pitch against right-handed batters is a 92 mph fastball which he throws 46.52%. His put away is his slider which he throws 27.54%. Against the fastball, Story owns a .300 ISO. Against the slider, he owns a .444 ISO. Story gets a great matchup here in a great ballpark and we excited to lock him in as our first daily fantasy MLB Must-Have of the night!
Brandon Belt (FDraft: $11,000 DK: $5,400 FDuel: $4,200): Our second Must-Have of the night comes from the same game. Brandon Belt will take on Chad Bettis and will get a very favorable matchup here. This year against left-handed hitters at home, Bettis has posted a 1.74 HR/9, 5.04 FIP, and a 34.5% hard-hit rate. These numbers aren’t much of a change from his last year’s campaign against lefties at home as he allowed a 1.80 HR/9 and a 4.69 FIP against them. Looking into Belt’s profile, he has absolutely owned RHP this year with a 1.093 OPS, .333 ISO, .667 SLG%, and a 48.3% hard-hit rate. The matchup being in Coors? Even better. In Belt’s career at Coors Field, he owns a .329 batting average and has showed straight power with a .625 SLG%, 1.018 OPS, .393 OBP, and has hit 10 home runs in 152 at-bats. To top this juicy spot for Belt, he also owns a 1.184 OPS, .684 SLG%, and a .421 batting average against Chad Bettis in his career. In 19 at-bats, he also has a home run. Bettis’ two main pitches are a 90 MPH fastball and a change-up. Against the fastball, Belt owns a xwOBA of .460, and against the change-up he owns a ISO of .688. Brandon Belt has been raking against RHP pitchers this year and gets a favorable park and pitcher tonight. Lock in Brandon Belt tonight as our second Must-Have.

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