Written by Jordan McCrillis | DFI Analyst on June 9, 2021

Rafael Devers (DK: $5,900 FD: $3,700): Devers will step into the box tonight against RHP Jake Odorizza, who has been crushed by left-handed hitting this season, allowing a .286 ISO and .439 wOBA against them so far in 2021. Devers has mashed right-handed arms to the tune of a .372 xISO and .420 xwOBA including 13 bombs overall against them. Odorizzi throws his four-seam fastball over 60% of the time, allowing a .242 xISO with this pitch. This is perfect for Devers as he has crushed the four-seam this season, sporting a .359 xISO. Devers has also crushed the splitter that Odorizzi throws 27% of the time, owning over a .500 xISO in a small sample. This is an elite matchup for the youngster and we love exploiting Odorizzi to start your lineups tonight.

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Albert Pujols (DK: $3,100 FD: $2,800): The Machine will face off against LHP Tyler Anderson tonight, who is allowing over a .220 xISO to right-handed bats this season overall and over a .200 and .300 xISO with his fastball and changeup respectively. Pujols has crushed left-handed pitching this season, sporting over a .350 xISO against them overall. He has also mashed the four-seam fastball that Anderson throws almost 45% of the time, sporting a .529 xISO and .564 xwOBA against them. Pujols also owns a massive .330 xISO against the changeup that Anderson throws 30% of the time. Pujols has still got plenty of pop in his bat, and we love targeting him in this matchup at a very nice value price point. Lock him in with confidence!