Written by Caleb Dameron - DF Insider on July 15, 2019

Cody Bellinger (DK: $5,100 FD: $4,800): Our first Must-Have of the day will be stepping into the box tonight against right-hander Zach Eflin in Philadelphia. This is a great park for left-handed bats and even better for the Dodgers tonight since Eflin is allowing a .264 xISO, .370 xwOBA, 2.28 HR/9, a 5.97 FIP, 44% fly-ball rate, and 46% hard-hit rate against lefties. Bellinger has assaulted right-handers this season for 20 homers, a .366 ISO, .343 average, and .477 xwOBA. Eflin is also susceptible to the stolen base since he has allowed nine attempts against him and Bellinger has eight stolen bases to his name in 2019. Eflin showcases primarily a four-seam fastball and slider to lefties and Bellinger has great numbers against both pitches from righties this season. To the four-seamer, Bellinger holds down a .332 xISO and .465 xwOBA, and against sliders, he owns a .387 xwOBA. The icing on the cake in this matchup is that Bellinger already has a homer off of Eflin in just 7 previous plate appearances against him. We love the upside Bellinger presents in a number of ways as we lock him in across all lineups and formats!

Max Muncy (DK: $4,600 FD: $3,800): Our next Must-Have will also have the benefit of facing Zach Eflin tonight. Max Muncy has clipped right-handed pitching for 16 homers, a .900 OPS, .276 ISO, .373 wOBA, and a 45% hard-hit rate. Muncy has also already seen Eflin in five previous plate appearances and has belted two homers and a single off of him. This is no surprise to us since Muncy owns fantastic numbers against both the slider and four-seamer from righties. Against four-seamers he owns a .325 xISO and .436 xwOBA, and against the slider he owns a .200 xISO. Look for Muncy and Bellinger to do plenty of damage against Eflin and the Phillies’ bullpen tonight!