Written by Corey Fishman - DF Insider on August 6, 2020

Cavan Biggio (DK: $4,800; FD: $3,000): Our first Must-Have tonight comes from the Toronto Blue Jays with Cavan Biggio. Biggio and the Jays will be taking on Touki Toussaint who is just not a great pitcher. Last year, Toussaint allowed a .254 xISO and .395 xwOBA to left-handed batters and he has continued that terrible trend so far with a .218 xISO and .425 xwOBA to lefties this year. Cavan Biggio is in the heart of the order tonight and owns a .228 ISO, .407 xwOBA and 41.7% hard hit-rate to right-handed pitching over the last two seasons. Biggio is in a phenomenal spot tonight and we want him locked into all of your lineups. 

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Avisail Garcia (DK: $4,200; FD: $2,800): Our second Must-Have for the night is veteran Avisail Garcia. Garcia and the Brewers are taking on Gio Gonzalez tonight who struggled all of last year to right-handed hitters. Last season, he owned a .176 xISO and .338 xwOBA to right-handed hitters and has already been shelled in his first two starts this season as he owns a .265 xISO and .448 xwOBA to righties in 2020. An added bonus for Garcia is that to Gonzalez’s two main pitches, Garcia owns xISOs above .200 and xwOBAs above .350 to each. Lock in Garcia alongside Biggio tonight and good luck!