Written by Caleb Dameron - CS:GO Manager on August 8, 2020

Lourdes Gurriel (DK: $4,200 FD: $2,600): Our first Must-Have of the day will step into the box tonight against right-hander Zack Godley in Fenway Park. Godley has been worse to right-handed batters since the beginning of 2019 and is already giving up a .370 xISO and .490 xwOBA against righties this year. Gurriel should get a nice spot in the Blue Jays’ order and has been a stud against righties for over a year now. In 2019, Gurriel hit right-handers for a .211 ISO and a 41% hard-hit rate while this season he already has a .320 average, .200 ISO, and 53% hard-hit rate against them. We can also tell you that Godley will throw his cut-fastball and knuckle-curve over 60% of the time and Gurriel held down well over a .400 xwOBA against both pitches from righties last season. The final boost for Gurriel in this matchup is that he will be hitting at Fenway Park where he has hit for a career .350 average with an OPS of .931. 

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Whit Merrifield (DK: $5,700 FD: $3,500): The Kansas City Royals are at home against Minnesota and right-hander Jake Odorizzi who is making his first start in 2020. Odorizzi is a fly-ball pitcher who got very lucky in 2019 thanks to just a .243 BABIP against right-handers despite a higher xISO around .200. Wind is supposed to be blowing out in Kansas City over 10 mph so Odorizzi may not see as many fly-balls stay in the park tonight. Whit Merrifield already has three homers and a 1.654 OPS against Odorizzi across 16 previous at-bats and also has three homers to his name against righties this season. Merrifield is also a fastball hitter and Odorizzi will show Merrifield a four-seam or cut-fastball over 80% of the time. Against four-seamers from righties in 2019, Merrifield hit for a .201 xISO and .403 xwOBA while cut-fastballs were belted for a .382 xwOBA. We will not be fading the big upside from both Merrifield and Gurriel across any lineups tonight as we lock them in everywhere!