Written by Jordan McCrillis - DF Insider on September 10, 2019

Dexter Fowler (DK: $4,500 FD: $3,600): Our first Must-Have of the night is switch-hitting outfielder, Dexter Fowler. Fowler steps into Coors Field tonight very underpriced. He will face off against righty Chi Chi Gonzalez, who is allowing over 2 HR/9 to lefties, a FIP over 8, a 44 percent hard-hit rate, .254 ISO, and .416 wOBA. Fowler has hit righties well this season, sporting a wOBA of .330, 40 percent hard-hit rate, and a very solid seven swiped bags to provide upside on the bases. Gonzalez offers up a four-seam and cut-fastball a combined 75 percent of the time. Against the four-seam, Fowler has elite numbers with an ISO of .364, and wOBA over the .525 mark. As for the cutter, Fowler still has great numbers, owning a .309 xISO and .352 xwOBA. We love the upside of Fowler tonight against a poor starter, and an even worse Colorado bullpen as we lock him in with confidence in a great matchup in Coors!

Chris Taylor (DK: $4,400 FD: $2,800):
Our second Must-Have of the night is utility man Chris Taylor. Taylor faces off an awful Baltimore pitching staff tonight, with lefty Ty Blach in line to start. Blach struggles mightily against righties, allowing just under 2 HR/9, a 47 percent hard-hit rate, a .241 ISO, and a wOBA of .421. Taylor crushes lefties, sporting an ISO of .280, OPS of .894, .362 wOBA, and a hard-hit rate just under 44 percent. Blach offers up his sinker over half the time, with a secondary changeup he throws over 30 percent of the time as well. Against the sinker, Taylor has a very solid wOBA over the .350 mark dating back to last season, with an ISO of .258. As for the changeup, he owns a very solid numbers with a .273 ISO and .322 xwOBA. We love the upside of Taylor with a prime lineup slot, and an elite matchup against one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball. Lock him in alongside Fowler with confidence to begin our lines!

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