Written by Jordan McCrillis | DFI Analyst on September 13, 2021

Tyler O’Neill (DK: $4,400 FD: $3,200): Tyler O’Neill will step into the box against LHP Rich HIll, who throws his four-seam and curveball 50% and 40% of the time respectively. O’Neill has mashed left-handed arms this season to the tune of a .425 xISO and .500 xwOBA, while being even better against the four-seam fastball owning a .500 xISO and .600 xwOBA. He has also found success against the curveball, sporting an xISO and xOBA north of the .700 mark. This is a fantastic matchup to exploit O’Neill’s power upside, and he can be locked in to start your lines across all formats!

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Carlos Correa (DK: $4,900 FD: $3,600): Correa will face off against young RHP Spencer Howard, who is allowing a .225 xISO to opposing right-handed hitters. Howard throws his four-seam fastball 50% of the time, while also throwing a slider over 25% of the time. Correa has found success against both of these pitches, hitting them both to the tune of a .213 xISO. He also sports a massive .498 xISO and .590 xwOBA against the cutter that Howard has thrown 10% of the time this season. We love the upside of Correa tonight amongst one of our top stacks, and will be locking him in with confidence!