Written by Caleb Dameron | MLB Manager on September 14, 2021

Bryce Harper (DK: $6,100 FD: $4,400): Harper absolutely pops off of the pages today since Sampson has been really bad to lefties and Harper crushes Sampson’s favorite pitches to throw. Sampson has been hit to the tune of a .271 xISO in 2021 while Harper currently holds down a .363 xISO and .462 xwOBA to right-handed pitching. Sampson also loves to throw the sinker/slider combination and Harper holds down a massive .470 xISO and .564 xwOBA to sinkers from righties while sliders are being hit for an incredibly high .593 xISO. Harper is checking all of the boxes tonight and is firmly in place as Must-Have #1 while he continues to try and catch Fernando Tatis Jr. for the NL MVP. 

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Hunter Renfroe (DK: $4,200 FD: $3,900): We have been riding Renfroe against lefties for a while now and tonight he draws a prime matchup against lefty Tyler Anderson. Anderson will feature righties a four-seamer, changeup, and cutter combination while Renfroe holds down a .210 xISO or higher against all three pitches from southpaws this year. We can also tell you that Renfroe has hit left-handers in general for over a .250 xISO with a .400 xwOBA. The pricing on Renfroe continues to be affordable and we won’t be missing out on his upside as we pair him with Harper across all lineups tonight!