Written by Caleb Dameron - DF Insider on September 15, 2020

Whit Merrifield (DK: $4,800 FD: $3,300): Our first Must-Have of the day will be stepping into the box against left-hander Matt Boyd. Merrifield and Boyd have already met across 45 previous plate-appearances and Merrifield owns a .524 average against him with nine extra-base hits and five stolen bases. This is no surprise to us since Boyd has always had issues with righties and this season he is allowing a terrible xISO near .300 and nearly a .400 xwOBA against them. We can also tell you that Merrifield owns an xwOBA around .400 against lefties in 2020 and has over a .200 xISO against both of Boyd’s four-seam fastball and slider. Merrifield can provide upside in a number of ways and will be locked into all of our lineups tonight against a familiar pitcher!

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Dominic Smith (DK: $4,600 FD: $3,400): Our next Must-Have also has a strong history against the pitcher he is facing tonight as Dominic Smith will see right-hander Jake Arrieta in Philadelphia. In just 12 plate-appearances against Arrieta, Smith already has two doubles, a homer, two walks, and a .500 batting average against him. Smith has also been incredibly good against righties this year as he has hit them to the tune of a .354 average with six homers, a 1.084 OPS, .333 ISO, and over a 41% hard-hit rate. The icing on the cake tonight is that Arrieta throws his sinking-fastball 43% of the time to lefties and Smith currently holds down a .335 xISO against sinkers from righties in 2020. We will be locking in Smith’s upside alongside Merrifield across all lineups and formats tonight!