Written by Mitchell Woulf - DF Insider on September 16, 2020

Marcell Ozuna (DK: $4,700 FD: $3,900): Marcell Ozuna has flat-out demolished lefties this year, and now gets rookie Keegan Akin tonight. The video game stats Ozuna possesses against southpaws this year includes a whopping 1.432 OPS and a blistering .572 ISO. In 35 ABs against lefties, he has eight extra base hits that include 6 home runs. Akin has been nothing special in his first couple of starts and never really stood out in the minors either. In just over 13 innings of work, his fastball, which he throws nearly 66% of the time has been hit very hard by right handed hitters. Ozuna, himself hits 55% of pitches in play hard. With a solid chance for this slugger on the visiting team to get five at-bats tonight and against a pitcher he should cream, Ozuna is an obvious Must-Have for us tonight. 

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Jose Ramirez (DK: $5,400 FD: $3,700): Our second Must-Have comes as part of our favorite stack of the night. The Indians play against Jon Lester and the Cubs tonight who has struggled against right-handed hitters. The switch-hitting Jose Ramirez has dominated southpaws this year. His 1.200 OPS and .500 isolated power are a force to be reckoned with in the Cleveland lineup. In 44 at bats, JRam has 10 extra base hits and six homers. Jon Lester has not enjoyed facing right handed hitters this year as they are averaging over two home runs per nine innings. Opponents have hit the ball hard off him and a good number of balls in play have been in the air. Righties have an average exit-velocity of 94 MPH off Lester, something Ramirez is surely to take advantage of. There are many Indians that we like, but we believe that this is the perfect matchup for Ramirez, given the advanced numbers of both him and Lester this year. Ramiez hits the ball hard and in the air, and Lester struggles with exit velo and the long ball.