Written by Jordan McCrillis - DF Insider on September 19, 2020

Michael Brantley (DK: $3,900 FD: $3,100): Brantley will face off against Luke Weaver, who is allowing a .200 ISO and .400 wOBA against left-handed hitters over the last 30 days. Brantley has hit righties well, with a .206 ISO and a wOBA just shy of .400 this season. Weaver primarily throws his four seam fastball (over 50 percent of the time), which is perfect for Brantley who has hit the four seamer to the tune of a .265 xISO and a .392 xwOBA. Our team loves using Brantley at a very nice price point in this matchup!

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Corey Seager (DK: $5,300 FD: $4,300): Seager is in an elite spot today as he will get an added benefit of playing in the infamous Coors Field. He will face off against RHP Chi Chi Gonzales, who has allowed a .267 ISO against lefty bats this season. Seager mashes righties with a .323 ISO and a .412 wOBA against them in 2020. Chi Chi throws his fastball 50 percent of the time which Seager absolutely mashes with a .444 ISO and a .556 wOBA. Chi Chi also throws his sinker about 15 percent of the time to lefties which Seager hits well with a .333 ISO and .453 xwOBA against it in 2020. Seager has elite upside in this spot, and we are locking him in with confidence!