Written by Jordan McCrillis - DFI Analyst on September 24, 2020

Alex Verdugo (DK: $4,000 FD: $3,000): Verdugo faces off against RHP Alex Cobb today, who is allowing a .222 ISO and a .449 wOBA against left-handed hitters. Verdugo has great numbers against righties this season with a .224 ISO and a .381 wOBA. Cobb throws his splitter and four seam fastball both over 36 percent of the time to lefties. Against the four seam, Verdugo sports a very nice .200 ISO and a .416 wOBA, while still having great numbers with a .312 xISO and .440 xwOBA against the splitter so far in 2020. We believe Verdugo is underpriced for his upside tonight given an elite matchup against the Cobb and the Orioles bullpen.

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