Written by Jordan McCrillis - DFI Analyst on September 27, 2020

Freddie Freeman (DK: $5,500; FD: $4,300): Freeman will face off against Nick PIvetta, who has allowed a .312 xISO and .551 wOBA against left-handed hitters over the last 90 days. Freeman has raked against right-handed arms, sporting a .368 ISO and a .494 wOBA on the season. Pivetta throws his fastball over 40 percent of the time, which Freeman crushes to the tune of a .588 ISO and .686 wOBA. He also hits the knuckle-curve to the tune of a .500 ISO and .609 wOBA in a small sample size, which Pivetta throws over 30 percent of the time to lefties. This is an elite matchup for Freeman, and we love his upside today!

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Matt Kemp (DK: $3,500; FD: $2,600): Kemp will face off against Bumgarner today, who has been terrible against right-handed hitters, allowing a .310 xISO and .430 xwOBA on the season. Kemp has crushed lefties, and sports a massive .667 ISO and .526 wOBA against the cutter that MadBum throws over 40 percent of the time. MadBum also throws his fastball over 31 percent of the time to righties, which Kemp demolishes as well with a .308 ISO and .502 wOBA. We love the power upside of Kemp at a discounted price point, and are locking him in to close out the regular season!