Written by Caleb Dameron - DF Insider on September 9, 2019

Michael Conforto (DK: $4,500 FD: $3,400): Our first Must-Have of the day will be stepping into the box tonight against right-hander Merrill Kelly. Damage has been done against Kelly from both sides of the plate, but against lefties he has allowed a .200 xISO, .368 xwOBA, .291 batting average, and 47% hard-hit rate. Conforto has been a consistent slugger against righties all season, hitting them to the tune of a .278 ISO, .928 OPS, 23 home runs, and over a 36% hard-hit rate. We can also tell you that Kelly will showcase a four-seam fastball and changeup for over 60% of this pitches to lefties this season. Conforto has crushed four-seamers for a .304 xISO and .408 xwOBA, while changeups are being hit for a .223 xISO and .370 xwOBA. Conforto is in a prime spot to produce for this Mets’ offense as we lock him in across all lineups and formats!

Ben Zobrist (DK: $3,700 FD: $2,500):
The likely lead-off hitter for the Cubs’ tonight will be switch-hitting veteran, Ben Zobrist. Cal Quantrill will throw for the Padres in this one and has allowed left-handed hitters to clip him for a .367 xwOBA, .200 xISO, 1.40 HR/9, a 5.18 FIP, 41% fly-ball rate, and 46% hard-hit rate. Since coming back from injury, Zobrist has hit right-handers for a solid .417 average, 1.033 OPS, and a .451 wOBA. Across 81 at-bats in San Diego, Zobrist has been able to hit for an .851 OPS, proving he sees the ball just fine at PetCo Park. We love the value Zobrist presents against an exploitable right-hander, lock him in alongside Conforto and join us in the War Room for more!

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