Written by Rusty Doyal - DF Insider on March 11, 2018

Phoenix is one of the flatter tracks on the NASCAR circuit, producing great racing throughout the field. Phoenix has a lot of the same characteristics as New Hampshire as they both have long sweeping turns that really challenge drivers on both ends of the track. Being a short track, we’re looking for two to three dominators this weekend. We usually see multiple leaders in this race, but a majority of the dominators come from starting inside the top ten. Finding the right one or two guys to pair with our Must-Have will be the way to go for Sunday afternoon.
Brad Keselowski (DK: $9,900): If Saturday’s Xfinity race was any premonition for the Cup race then it’s clear, Keselowski is going to be very popular on Sunday afternoon. After a disappointing qualifying effort on Friday, Brad will have to start in the mid 20s on Sunday, giving him a safe floor and massive upside in place differential alone. Not only will he certainly make his way into the top ten, he should challenge for a top five finish if not the win. Keselowski is one of the top drivers in the sport right now; his skill set is near the top regardless of the racetrack, but in particular here at Phoenix. When we look at past history here, we can also take into account New Hampshire, which has a lot of the same qualities as Phoenix. Keselowski had an average finish of 8.5 at these tracks last year and owned the second-best average at these flat tracks last season. Even more impressive was his driver rating of 111.2 at these racetracks during that same time frame. Jump ahead to Saturday afternoon, Brad completely dominated the Xfinity race on his way to the win, which should boost his confidence for Sunday. While drivers can’t take too much away from running the Saturday race, we can see the advantage of more seat time for some drivers that will transfer to the main event. Keselowski is one of the best at taking care of his equipment and marching his way through the field, so we can expect to see The Deuce up front when it matters most as our Must-Have driver of the weekend.  


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