Written by Brad Sigley on March 17, 2019

Martin Truex Jr (DK: $10,000 FD: $13,700): We’re going to keep talking about how confusing this new aero/rules package has been for most of the sport to figure out. The two things that have remained constant this season is driver talent and the caliber of equipment they’re in. Tire wear will be an issue, but not as much as it has been in the past here with the lower horsepower motors running this season. Most cars fell off less than two seconds from their first lap to their 20th. In the past we saw fall off drastically higher, in the 3-5 second range. Truex has been one of the best drivers in the series since 2015. He didn’t have a good day in qualifying and that bodes well for us fantasy players. He starts 27th today and there’s every reason to believe he will finish in the top ten, if not bid for the win. We watched the practices and believe he’s one of the best cars in the field today, although it was with a different aero package when he won this race last year. If Truex had made the move to a different race team by himself, we wouldn’t be so high on him but his crew chief from that #78 team, Cole Pearn, also made the move with him. Feel confident in locking Truex in as the Must-Have for today’s Monster Energy Cup Series race.


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