Written by Corey Fishman - DF Insider on March 11, 2018

Chris Paul (FDuel: $8,200 DK: $7,800): Our only Must-Have for the day is the Houston Rockets’ point guard, Chris Paul. The Rockets have decided to rest James Harden today and Ryan Anderson will be unavailable as well. Without these two on the court, Chris Paul averages 1.74 FPTs/min as well as a 36% usage rate. These are increases of .42 FPTs/min and 9.6% in usage. Another thing to note here is that the likely starting lineup for the Rockets will feature Chris Paul, Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, PJ Tucker, and Clint Capela. Although it is only a 29 minute sample, with these five on the court, Paul averages an incredible 2.01 FPTs/min and 37% usage rate. Now that Dennis Smith Jr. will be active for the game, Paul receives an even better matchup as Dennis Smith Jr. has one of the worst DRPMs in the NBA. Paul is an absolute lock and load on tonight’s slate.

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