Written by Preston Rauhauser on December 4, 2017

Today we are gearing our attention to site specific Must-Haves as we believe that due to salary reasons backed up by our research, there are two players on each site that are primed to outperform the value of their price tag. While we believe that each player is in a terrific spot, we want to emphasize that they are only Must-Haves for the specific site that we list them as due to each site having different roster construction guidelines.
DraftKings/Fantasy Draft Must-Haves:
Michael Beasley (DK: $3,500 FDraft: $6,900): Our first DraftKings/Fantasy Draft Must-Have for tonight is the Knicks forward, Michael Beasley. The entire Knicks team will benefit from a few key injuries that have opened up. For tonight’s stint against the Indiana Pacers, New York will be without their star, Kristaps Porzingis and sharpshooter, Tim Hardaway Jr. These two injuries allow some of the role players on this young Knicks team to step up in a big way. Yesterday versus the Magic, Courtney Lee, Michael Beasley, and Enes Kanter stepped up to combine for 58 points, 24 rebounds, and 5 assists. Tonight, we expect to see much of the same in terms of players that account for most of the usage, scoring, and rebounding. Though each one scored around 20 points with Kanter getting over 15 boards, one of the three main beneficiaries is criminally underpriced on DraftKings and FantasyDraft. Michael Beasley comes to us at $3,500 just one day after putting up 21 actual points on 19 shot attempts. In the game yesterday where Porzingis and Hardaway sat, Beasley saw an unreal 37% usage rate and should handle the ball plenty again tonight. He saw 28 minutes and should see 28-30 again tonight. In the game against the Pacers, Beasley will see a faster game pace than he usually does which should just help his production and value. Because of this massive pricing mishap, we will be locking Michael Beasley into our lineups on DraftKings and Fantasy Draft where he should crush value.
Mason Plumlee (DK: $4,300 FDraft: $8,200): The second Must-Have for DraftKings and Fantasy Draft is the fill-in starting center for the Denver Nuggets. Mason Plumlee gets a large bump in minutes and usage tonight due to the injuries of Nikola Jokic and Paul Millsap. With the two best players on the Nuggets set to miss tonight’s game against the Mavericks, Plumlee will step into the starting lineup. In a fantastic matchup with Dallas who has been very bad at defending posts, Plumlee will be looking to capitalize. Mason is a guy who can score the ball, rebound well, and facilitate from the top of the key when he needs to. Simply put, his price tag of $4,300 on DraftKings and $8,200 on Fantasy Draft is just too cheap for the minutes he should see and the usage and minutes increase he will get with Jokic and Millsap out of the picture this evening. Plumlee showed his versatility on Saturday with a nice 12/6/6 stat line in 31 minutes. Plumlee is efficient from the field and should have enough involvement in the ball handling aspect of the Nuggets offense as well as being busy on the boards. These two plays are great values for tonight’s slate that both benefit heavily from injuries on their respective teams and we suggest you lock them into your DraftKings and Fantasy Draft lineups as we will be doing the same.
FanDuel Must-Haves:
Darren Collison (FDuel: $5,900): Our first FanDuel Must-Have is the point guard for the Indiana Pacers, Darren Collison. The Indiana Pacers play at the ninth fastest pace in the league and with the Pacers being on their home court tonight, it is likely that the Knicks play to the tune of Pacers. With a faster pace comes more opportunity for increased possessions, enhancing Darren Collison’s chance to take advantage of his matchup with the Knicks point guards who rank 26th in DvP. Collison is a lock for significant minutes as he is averaging 32 a game and when he is in fast-paced matchups, we have noticed that his usage increases immensely. Collison’s usage rate for the season sits at 18%, but when he is uptempo matchups his usage increases by at least 3%. Last game against Toronto, Collison saw his usage skyrocket to 25% and in his last matchup with the Knicks where he scored 39 Fpts, his usage was 21.5%. Another contributing factor to our projected success for Collison is he has increased his defensive play recently, grabbing nine steals over his last four games. Research suggests that Collison is in a terrific spot to crush value tonight and at his low price he should be locked into your lineups on FanDuel.
Taj Gibson (FDuel: $5,200): Our next FanDuel Must-Have is a similar face for us as Gibson keeps crushing value and FanDuel has yet to adjust his price accordingly. Gibson has been a terrific producer for the TimberWolves this season, and without Bjelica, he will receive all the minutes he can handle. Gibson is essentially in the same spot he was last night as a Must-Have when he recorded 20 points and 11 rebounds. He has now played eight straight games where his minutes have not dipped below 36 even in the event of a blowout. With the spread of this game being so tight at +/- 3, there should be an ample amount of rebounding opportunities for Gibson. The Timberwolves rank 10th in the league in rebounding rate while Memphis ranks 26th. At Gibson’s price and strong matchup, he is an absolute lock on FanDuel and we strongly suggest getting him into your lineup.

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