Written by Preston Rauhauser on December 5, 2018

Paul George (FDraft: $15,200 DK: $8,300 FDuel: $8,300): Seeing his price normalize over the past two weeks has given value back to the Thunder’s all-star guard. With Russell Westbrook back in the lineup for the past seven games, George’s fantasy production has fallen back to his average, but tonight provides great value. At an affordable price of $8,300 on both sites, George has hit over 5x value in five of seven games, with the two other games being huge blowouts at home to Cleveland and Atlanta where he saw only 25 and 29 minutes. Tonight, the Thunder will travel to Brooklyn to take on the Nets with just a -6.5 point spread. The matchup isn’t anything to jump about, but OKC is projected for 3.3 more points than their season average and will see a projected 2.2 point pace increase. Providing a fantastic floor around 42 FPTs with upside for 60+ on any night, we lock locking in this mid-upper tier play on all sites as our first daily fantasy NBA Must-Have.

Bradley Beal (FDraft: $15,800 DK: $8,400 FDuel: $8,500): John Wall has been ruled out for personal reasons, which leaves a major void in the Washington offense, particularly in the scoring department. Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr. should absorb most of the field goal attempts that Wall vacates. With Wall and Howard off the floor, Beal sees a 4% increase in usage. The Wizards are in the best fantasy game of the night; a 234 game total with the league’s fastest paced team. Neither Atlanta nor Washington is interested in playing defense these days and both teams are playing at a fast rate. We project this game to have 108 possessions, four more than the next fastest game of the slate, which is a pretty big gap. Washington projects to score eight points more than their season average based on Vegas’ lines. Without Wall, that’s expecting a lot from Beal and company. Beal is likely to match up with Kevin Huerter who has been a below average defender. The Hawks rank 24th in the league against scoring wings. Bradley Beal is a solid start to your lineup tonight. Good luck everyone!

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