Written by Jordan Alejandre - DF Insider on February 12, 2020

Cheick Diallo (DK: $5,000 FD: $3,700)Our first Must-Have for tonight’s big slate is Cheick Diallo. Diallo is ridiculously underpriced on FD tonight and still too cheap on DK as he will draw the start once again in place of Deandre Ayton. When Ayton missed in the Suns’ last game, Diallo played a whopping 39 minutes. While he may not play exactly that much, all he needs to do is play 25 or more to be worth it at his prices, which we absolutely believe will be the case. In his career, 75% of the games that he has played 25 minutes in, he has gotten at least 25 fantasy points. That trend continued last game in a tough matchup against Anthony Davis and the Lakers. Tonight, he will get a much easier matchup in the Warriors, who are in the bottom-tier in terms of center fantasy points allowed. Lock in Diallo tonight on all sites and don’t look back.

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Khris Middleton (FD: $7,200)Our first FD Must-Have for tonight is Khris Middleton. Middleton saw his price decrease after last game without Giannis even though he racked up 53 FD points. It makes zero sense why FD would do this, but this makes it great for you because he is an easy lock and load! In the five games where Giannis has missed, Middleton has gone for over 40 fantasy points in every game with a ceiling of 70 fantasy points. Middleton is just way too cheap and will be good, obvious chalk on FD tonight. There is no reason for us to steer you away from him tonight. Lock in Middleton to all lineups tonight!

Eric Bledsoe (FD: $6,700)Our second FD Must-Have for tonight is Middleton’s teammate, Eric Bledsoe. Bledsoe is in the same boat as Middleton tonight, as he saw no price increase after last game without Giannis where he went for 50.6 fantasy points. In the three games where Bledsoe played without Giannis, he has not gone below 44 fantasy points, giving him a safe floor and plenty of upside, as he went for 57 fantasy points in one of those games as well. Bledsoe will be accompanying Middleton as chalk on FD tonight, so lock him in as the second Buck in your lineup tonight and good luck!