Written by Eddie Martin - DF Insider on April 13, 2019

Must-Have #1

Ben Simmons (DK: $7,800; FD: $9,900): Our first Must-Have comes from the first game of the day with a 231.5 total and only a 5.5 point spread in favor of the 76ers.  With Joel Embiid out, Ben Simmons has a 23.8% usage rate and scores at an efficient 1.22 FPPM. He also gets a matchup with the Brooklyn Nets, who have given up 52.39 DK PPG this season to point guards, which ranks 25th in the league.  In 4 games vs Brooklyn this year, Simmons has averaged 43.55 DK points – and Joel Embiid played in each of those games. In the month of March, Joel Embiid missed 6 games. Simmons total DK points in those games: 66.25, 50.75, 49.25, 45.25, 51, and 52.25.  He also has a 67 DK point game earlier in there year. We think Simmons has a safe floor with tremendous upside, especially if the game stays close. He is also always a threat for a triple double because of the peripheral stats he racks up during the game.  With a small 5.5 point spread, we think Simmons will see minutes in the mid to high 30’s, so you should lock him into your lines with confidence as he should smash his price on both sites!


DK Must-Have #2

Jamal Murray (DK: $6,000): Our second DK NBA Must-Have comes from the last game of the day, another game with a small 5.5 point spread.  Jamal Murray, who has a 25% usage rate and scores 1 FPPM, gets a matchup with a Spurs team who he has had a lot of success against this season.  In 4 games vs the Spurs, Murray averaged 37.4 DK PPG and racked up a 32% usage rate. Three of those games he scored over 40 DK points, and we expect him to have similar success against them today!  With the Nuggets tightening up their rotations, we expect Murray to play minutes in the mid 30’s, which should give him a floor of 5x with the upside for more. Lock Murray into your DK lines and enjoy the late night hammer game while Murray crushes his cheap price tag!


FD Must-Have #2

Klay Thompson (FD: $5,800): Our second FD NBA Must-Have comes at a shooting guard position without a lot of value on this 4 game slate.  Klay Thompson, who’s price has dropped from $8,400 on FD just three weeks ago, gets a matchup with the Clippers who rank 22nd in the league vs SG’s this year.  The Warriors also have the highest expected team total at 122.25. Although there is a slight blowout concern, we still think Klay will see 33-35 minutes. With his 26% usage rate and 1 FPPM, we think Klay has a safe floor and a high ceiling which can come at any time if he gets hot from three.  Lock in Klay on FD and take his floor/ceiling at a position without much safety or value!

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