Written by Preston Rauhauser on May 27, 2018

LeBron James (FD $20,000): We feel bad making LeBron a Must-Have on FanDuel yet again, but they continue to just keep his price right around $20,000, making it very easy to exploit. Without Kevin Love for Game 7, LeBron is once again a lock for the 2x position in the Single Game Slate. James has been incredible in key games throughout his career. This season with a depleted squad has been no different for the former MVP. He is carrying the Cavaliers through the playoffs, and LeBron will surely do everything he can to get to the finals again and compete for another title. Simply put, this is not a decision we need to overthink. LeBron needs to be a lock in the 2x spot and we can move on to the rest of the lineup.
JR Smith (DK $2,800): As usual, we follow an elite player MH on FanDuel with a guy who is just underpriced on DraftKings. JR Smith is a starter for the Cavs and plays 30+ minutes a game, yet is priced under 3k for this Showdown Slate. He hasn’t been great over the course of this series, but in a win-or-go-home game without Kevin Love, JR needs to be played just from his 30-point upside which could account for over 10x value. Last game without Love, JR saw 38 minutes, but scored just 11.25 fantasy points. The crazy thing about this is that this number is still over 4x value at his current price which is great. If Smith can shoot any better than 15% from the field and 20% from three, he will absolutely crush. His price is so low he can barely hurt you in 30 minutes with sky-high upside. Lock him in and enjoy the savings.

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