Written by Will Bryant - DF Insider on January 11, 2019

Sean Monahan (FD: $8,000, DK: $7,400): The Calgary Flames are red hot right now, averaging nearly 4.2 goals per game on home ice. Tonight, they play host to the Florida Panthers in a game with a 6.5 over/under. The Flames are heavily favored in this one; most sports books have their team total set at four goals, setting up Monahan for a nice night of opportunities against a Panthers team that allows 3.78 goals per game on the road. The Panthers have also struggled against opposing centers, allowing 3.29 actual points per game on more than 10 shots allowed per contest as well. This, paired with Monahan’s spots on both the first line and power play unit tonight, present him with a chance to have multiple opportunities to produce. Be sure to lock him in at center this evening as our daily fantasy NHL Must-Have.

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