Written by David Torres - DF Insider on December 4, 2018

Robert Snodgrass ($7,200): West Ham surprised the Premier League community with a resounding away victory at Newcastle and will now look to keep that form going against promoted side Cardiff City who have struggled mightily away from home. West Ham boss Manuel Pellegrini, praised Snodgrass after his side’s away win. Snodgrass put in a great performance and it would be shocking if he didn’t get another start. Snodgrass produced the assist from a cross for West Ham’s first goal last gameweek and with Cardiff City’s style of play, Snodgrass has potential to have a high volume of crosses which will give him a great floor and upside. Cardiff away from home are in the middle of the pack in crosses allowed. On a four-game slate is considered, it doesn’t need to be an eye-popping stat. The matchup and form of West Ham is what gets our attention; sometimes teams give too much respect to teams that are coming off good games so you could see some of that Tuesday which bodes well for Snodgrass. When Snodgrass gets an opportunity to start, he usually is on set-pieces, with very good floor games even in tough or okay matchups.

Riyad Mahrez ($8,700): The Manchester City winger has been consistently playing well since his arrival and isn’t a lock to start, but we anticipate Guardiola mixing up his XI with all the fixtures that December has to offer for City. Mahrez has had only a handful of EPL starts and has managed to score four goals with an assist with the majority of play coming in the Champions League. When given the start, Mahrez has had a majority of the set-pieces, even with De Bruyne playing. In addition to that, if Gundogan isn’t playing, he receives a boost. Manchester City have had a few injuries this year, but still have managed to score the most goals away from home, so they are matchup-proof when considering away vs. home splits. The Algerian midfielder also has Vegas on his side with the highest total of the slate, so he has upside that can be on a GPP-winning lineup. However, we like him as a staple cash play as well, so make sure to use his flexibility as a midfielder or forward.

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