SOC | Must-Haves: Euro | 6/11/16

Xherdan Shaqiri (DK: $7,400): The Swiss come into the Euros this year ranked 15th in the world. They have not been in good form in 2016, having lost 3 of their last 4 games. Granted, their last lost came to 2nd ranked Belgium at the end of last month. Despite their recent poor form, we are predicting a great offensive showing from the Swiss side as they find themselves up against an Albanian team that hold the record for the worst ranked team in the Euros. Albania comes into the Euros in decent form, but they have failed to beat a team in the top 75, with their only wins coming against 82nd ranked Qatar and unranked Luxemburg. Albania have shown that they can give up quite a few goals, often giving up large amounts of possession and our research suggests that the Swiss will surely capitalize. Shaqiri in particular is a master of the cross having put up more than 10 multiple times during his season with Stoke City. He is also a fantastic dribbler with a rocket for a foot. If he gets loose on Albania’s back line he should find the back of the net in this one. With this matchup we wouldn’t be surprised if the Swiss side win by a large margin, possibly scoring at least two goals. Shaqiri is by far the Swiss’s most talented offensive weapon and we expect him to be leading the attack. The chances he scores are very high and he could just as easily put up an assist or two, making is ceiling extremely high. With his ability to cross the ball it is very unlikely he won’t reach value even if he somehow doesn’t score. Lastly, with such a small slate and not a lot of info on teams at the beginning of the Euros, Shaqiri is our only must-have for today’s slate.

Stay with us for the tournament as there will certainly be more must-haves to come.

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