Written by David Torres - DF Insider on June 22, 2018

Neymar (DK: $12,600): Was there any doubt that Neymar would be a Must-Have today? The number 10 for Brazil has the best floor and the highest upside out of any player Friday, so it’s essential that you start your lineups tomorrow with him. He had an okay first game where he managed to score 21 FPTs, although Switzerland’s defensive gameplan gave him problems by being extremely aggressive against him, fouling him 10 times which deterred him from his usual offensive game. During that game, he only shot the ball four times and twice on frame, very average numbers for Neymar. We expect him to make adjustments against a Costa Rica team that will likely have the same gameplan. Brazil will dominate the game much like they did against Switzerland, and if Neymar’s floor is 20 FPTs without a goal or assist, imagine his upside. So once again, it’s vital to play him in all contests.
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