Written by Chris Maley on May 15, 2020

Kai Proger (DK: $7,500): The first Must-Have for this Bundesliga slate is Kai Proger, the German midfielder for Paderborn. Not many players on this slate have a clear majority of set pieces for their club, but an exception to this is Proger. Proger takes most set pieces for Paderborn, helping him average over eight crosses per ninety minutes, which is second-most out of players on this slate. He also averages two shots and two shots assisted to add to his floor, which usually results in double-digit FPTs even without contributing to a goal. It seems weird to Must-Have a player on the worst team in the league, but we expect their match this week to be very close. They play away to another team in the relegation zone, Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf concede two goals per game, and ample peripheral stats for Proger to hit value and have some upside. His multi-positional eligibility provides flexibility if you want to surround him with higher-floor midfielders in cash games, or higher-upside attacking options in GPPs. On this first slate, Proger stands out as a player we want to have locked into our lineups in all contests, and is therefore our first Bundesliga Must-Have.

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Angelino (DK: $6,200): The second Must-Have of the slate is Angelino, the Spanish wingback for Leipzig, on loan from Manchester City. Unfortunately, unlike Proger, Angelino splits set pieces for his club with teammate Christopher Nkunku. Fortunately, unlike Proger, Angelino plays for a top-three Bundesliga side, a side that happens to be the biggest favorite on the slate. Since moving to Leipzig on loan in January, Angelino has been a great fantasy performer. He has put up at least 12 FPTs in each of his five Bundesliga matches, only once requiring a scoresheet contribution to do so. This mostly comes from crossing more than six times per game, drawing a couple fouls, and adding modest defensive peripherals. While we would have loved for him to be defender eligible, his position as a wingback in this game should keep him in the attacking third whipping in crosses. Leipzig are heavily favored and projected to score more than two goals. Angelino is a great, inexpensive way to get some exposure to Leipzig’s potent attack against a Freiburg side that concedes more than twenty crosses per game. Angelino offers a great combination of floor and upside on this slate, and we recommend locking him into your lineups as the second Must-Have.