Written by Chris Maley on June 17, 2019

Gerson Mayen (DK: $5,200): The Must-Have for this Copa-Gold Cup slate is the midfielder for El Salvador, Gerson Mayen. Group C is perhaps the most even group in the Gold Cup, but both Curacao and El Salvador are still likely to finish in the bottom half. As a result, both teams should be looking for a full three points in this first match in order to have a good chance of escaping from the group. This is especially the case for El Salvador, who are ranked ten spots higher by FIFA and are slight favorites. Both teams are in strong form: El Salvador has won seven of their last nine matches (all competitions), while Curacao has won five of their last seven. Players from this game could also go under-owned, as they are some of the lesser-known teams on the slate. Mayen is one of the most fun players to watch on El Salvador, and he has a role on set pieces. As a result, he puts up good crossing numbers and is also not afraid to shoot. He can start almost anywhere in the midfield, and since this is their first meaningful game in a while, we are unsure exactly how they will line up. In their one meaningful match this year, a 2-0 Nations League win against Jamaica, Mayen played the full match and took most set pieces. We hope he starts on the wing against Curacao and has a similarly productive match in an easier matchup. For his floor, upside, and reasonable price, we recommend locking Mayen into your lineups as the sole Must-Have on this slate.