Written by Blake Luttrell - Soccer Analyst on April 28, 2021

Kevin De Bruyne (DK: $10,600): The Must-Have for today’s slate is Kevin De Bruyne. Manchester City are yet again within touching distance from their last grand prize: The UEFA Champions League Trophy. De Bruyne’s crosses, set pieces, ability to beat players and draw fouls, and frequent contribution to goals make him a reliable choice with a high floor. He has been one of the most consistent DFS players through the last few months and his price is reasonable, especially in a showdown contest. It may be better for your lineup to captain a cheaper player, or to follow your conviction in a GPP play, but De Bruyne, at his price, can co-exist with other expensive players like Neymar or Mbappe. Most analysts and fans are predicting three goals or more. Even if PSG take the 1st leg, De Bruyne has opportunities to contribute to your lineup in more ways than just scoring or assisting. 

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